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Find what you need to move your business forward. From government resources to top advisors and peer groups, HUUB is your one place to find all the local resources available to you as an entrepreneur.

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Connect with other entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. Find free courses for improving your marketing. Sit down with an expert to really dig into your finances. It's all here in your city and available to you through HUUB. A human-centered approach to connecting entrepreneurs to local resources, funding, experts and events in order to build more resilient communities.

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To have a resource like this when just starting my business has been a godsend. I don’t know where I would go if I didn’t have the HUUB community to lean on. Because of HUUB I have been able to receive more than $5000 in grant funding that I wouldn’t have known about. I’ve also been able to hire an architect to look at my building and help me rearrange in order to reopen, post pandemic. Cannot communicate how vital this has been for my business recovery. 


About HUUB

HUUB was built from leaders with decades of experience supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. All of us have gone through the challenges of starting, stopping, starting and growing over and over again. We want you to be able to get further faster and skip over all the hurdles. HUUB was built to leverage the power of a community of entrepreneurs to grow entrepreneurial communities together. 

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