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#AccessCOSHUUB, is a city-wide online community and resource center for qualifying Colorado Springs small businesses brought together by the Exponential Impact. Packed with on-demand business resources and the Survive & Thrive program, you will never feel stuck again. 

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Survive & Thrive.

This partnership provides up to $20,000 in grants to eligible small businesses and holistic programming to provide participants with both financial resources and community support to build back stronger. If awarded funds, business owners are expected to participate in the 2-month program and can expect their funds in two tranches, one at the start of the program and one upon completion.

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Subash Yadav

Sherpa Kitchen AZ

HUUB has been a great resource for my business this past year. I was awarded with free graphic design work and workshops that have helped me create a better training and management system for my business. I want to encourage more startups and small business owners to join HUUB.

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Businesses on HUUB
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HUUB’s advisors are not just here to talk to you. They’re focused on tactical solutions for you. That means our experts will not only teach you how to be a better business owner, but they will also set you up for success by actually doing part or all of the hard work as a partner in making sure you grow.

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